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Ext Grid rowdblclick and rowclick fix

Ext is a great javascript library but ofcourse there are times where some things doesn't work and one of them is the rowdblclick and rowclick listener. Here is how i fixed it when i've encountered this problem.

var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
store: <your datastore>,
columns:[<your columns>],
rowdblclick : function(grid,row){

As you can see instead of doing
function(grid,row){ alert(''click'); })
grid.on("rowdblclick",function(grid,row){ alert('dblclick'); });

we added the listeners to the options when creating a new grid, there are disadvantage to this approach like when we need the listeners to be more dynamic but in case addListener and on doesn't work, try this approach.

Hope it helps


  1. Hey men!!!! Works perfect!!!

    grid.on("rowdblclick",function(grid,row){ alert('dblclick'); });



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