Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stream media from Mac Leopard to ps3

Lately i have been experimenting with my ps3 and one of which is streaming my mac to ps3. As i guy who believed in free stuff, i found a software called MediaTomb which would stream my media from *nix (unix,linux and mac) to ps3. On mac you can follow this guide to have your media streamed.,2000451082,339287550,00.htm

The problem i had after installing xcode, fink and mediaTomb is that the ip address given by mediatomb is not the same subnet of the lan network. While most of the blog would ask you to change the ip using "mediatomb -ip=" this alerted an error on my mac. Its the 203 error, and to fix this:

* Open config.xml under ~/.mediatomb/
* under the server node, add the following:

Now i don't really know what it means i just found it on a comment somewhere. Hope it helps