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Box Shadows - Cross platform CSS

Been looking at different ways to implement box shadows in pure css, came up with one solution.

Inside your html file
<!--[if lte IE 8]><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/ie.css"><![endif]-->

.boxShadow {
border:1px solid #2A2A2A;
.boxShadow .flash{
position:relative ;
top:5px ; /* pixel here represents pixel of the border */
left:5px; /* pixel here represents pixel of the border */
.boxShadowImg{ /* ie would not follow the width of the parent */
.boxShadow  .img{ /* just pull up the image, -5px works in border (Seems) */

then if your using image you could use this format
<div class="boxShadow boxShadowImg">
<img class="img" src="" />

then if you have a flash (with swfobject)
<div class="boxShadow">
<div class="flash">
<div id="flashContent"></div>

Standard browser, the color would be different from IE, play around with it
-webkit-box-shadow: #111 0px 0px 10px;
-moz-box-shadow: #111 0px 0px 10px;
box-shadow:#111 0px 0px 10px;

Hope this helps


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