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Third week of May 2014

My find on the 3rd week of may 2014 :) Music Three random guys sing together Android Flappy 48 is a game that combined 2048 + flappy bird + snake. Its quite fun to play on you're free time :) Windows Phones An article at Computer World states that windows phone is stuck at 3 percent market share, i wont be surprise here, i do have a windows phone which my mom won at a christmas party and she end up giving it to me only after few days haha. Then i did play with it for few days and i hate how when you want to find an app that you would use at an specific moment (which you barely use), you have to scroll all the way down and the fast vertical text scrolling is quite irritating. The absence of a lot of apps are quite a downturn which is partially because they want to unify the experience among apps that app developers/designer finds it quite hard to develop for windows mobile (though lately they have lessen it)

Second week of May 2014

Here are some of the stuff that happened or things i found interesting. Xiaomi Mi3 Last week i got a Xiaomi Mi3, the speed is quite good, the device size is bigger and heavier then my nexus 5. MIUI is quite clean but it has the same problem as iOS the animation speed is too slow that makes device feel slower then nexus 5. Animation The Tomorrow People After the first season of the tomorrow people i would have to say i wont be surprise if the show got cancelled, it started really good but as the show moves forward it gotten okay, i feel the other characters should be the main characters as they do act better like the founder and Jedikiah. Kickstarter Anova Precision Cooker - Cook sous vide with your phone cooking with precise temperature makes you cook like a chief on a high end restaurant. Hong Kong If you're travelling via MTR, you might find the literal translation of the station names quite interesting.

Yahoo News Digest now in Android

Yahoo releases Yahoo News Digest in Android, besides the really nice interface it has a simon says game in the settings page. The weird thing is that it doesnt let you customised the category so its Yahoo forcing you to read the news they want you to read and they have a counter on how many news you read and so far i would only read 1-3 news, i think if they only let you customised the category this would be a really good news app. Here are some of screenshot of the app.

Angularjs protractor e2e test

Was trying to figure out how to do testing on angularjs and i found that there are different ways to do testing, one of which is e2e or end to end testing. With e2e angularjs uses protractor . Here is how i got it working Installation (i used global install on mac osx) sudo npm install -g protractor sudo webdriver-manager update on your test director copy the reference configuration cp /usr/local/lib/node_modules/protractor/referenceConf.js protractor-conf.js Go inside the protractor-conf.js and change the following { chromeDriver: '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/protractor/selenium/chromedriver', chromeOnly: true, baseUrl: 'http://...url of your project...', specs: [ 'e2e/*.js', ], } as you could see i changed the specs to look at a folder called e2e, what i did is create an e2e folder with a loginSpec.js where i have describe('Login Page', function() { var ptor; beforeEach(function() { ptor = protrac

First week of may 2014

Here are some of the stuff for this week Kickstarter SCiO: Your Sixth Sense is a near-infrared spectrometer that could be used to detect what your food is composed of. Checkout this video Android For a month now, i've been using Mobills Finance Manager to record my expenses (this most of the nice app like mint or manilla are not accessible here in Hong Kong). This app is really amazing, it does what i need it to do, there might be some language string problem here and there but the core stuff are solid. Hong Kong I used to envy the US where you could buy everything online, though US is still far superior, the grocery side has become really good specially with PARKnSHOP, i had ordered from their website twice before but recently i download their app on my ipod touch ( Android here ) and its good especially the barcode scanner :) I just wish they had the checkout there or atleast have a calculator before you click

UX App Review - Superhero Coloring Book

I've always love apps that has a good user experience but user experience varies a lot from culture (lot of white space vs condense information, portal like, which is famous in china) but there are things that are common like top-left down visibility and others that makes a website/app really good for users. Part of why i revive this blog is so that i could review apps but not from the perspective of how good they are or you should download them but from the view of how good the user experience is. The posts would probably be short and there will be a lot of images :) Here is the first view app, this was submitted at Android Apps community at G+. Superhero Coloring Book Main Screen In the main screen, you could swipe or click the arrows for the next/previous page, which is good. However the icons are miss leading, the lower left is actually an icon to rate the app not an IM feature. The lower right is to my saved pictures, the icon is fine. I wish the sound icon was here w

Text to speech, Project Naptha

One of the reason why i love Mac OS is the text to speech feature, no surprise here as Apple was the first to have this feature in the early days of computing and its steve jobs baby. I love this because besides English it has a lot of different languages and its one that has really good Cantonese text to speech (You have to install it manually). The default voice is by Alex, you could change it but for English Alex seems to be the nearest human voice. So the way to use this is first set a shortcut on System Preference like this Then highlight any selection of text and press the combination on your keyboard, then alex will speak to you. Non Text For pdf, either you download and use preview to view the pdf or use chrome's default pdf viewer For Image, take a look this amazing project Project Naptha , their chrome plugin will make the text inside images able highlight.

Reviving this blog :)

For the next few weeks, i would revive this blog, it might not be totally tech/programmer related but it would be more of me :) Music To start of here is what i was listening to a lot last week: Widgets Google Plus Im also moderating Android apps over at Google+ IOS If your using ios/iphone, this is one of must try application Rondify (This is the spotify version), its an app that it would use the phone's accelerometer to position the sound on your earphone when you move the phone around, if you want a more they do have a gadget that you could put on your headphone on their website.