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First week of may 2014

Here are some of the stuff for this week

SCiO: Your Sixth Sense is a near-infrared spectrometer that could be used to detect what your food is composed of. Checkout this video

For a month now, i've been using Mobills Finance Manager to record my expenses (this most of the nice app like mint or manilla are not accessible here in Hong Kong). This app is really amazing, it does what i need it to do, there might be some language string problem here and there but the core stuff are solid.

Hong Kong
I used to envy the US where you could buy everything online, though US is still far superior, the grocery side has become really good specially with PARKnSHOP, i had ordered from their website twice before but recently i download their app on my ipod touch here) and its good especially the barcode scanner :) I just wish they had the checkout there or atleast have a calculator before you click the checkout.
Upon using the app they had a promotion of 50HKD less when you buy 600HKD which is super awesome, and they do deliver at your home as long as its above 500HKD, so overall i would still prefer the website and what you could do is create a shopping list say barcode items then scan the items you like save it on that list then sync that to the web so you'll have the best of both world :)

Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone
She's so good with lip sync


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Unlockd Android Auto Open

Now that Unlockd has reached its doomed . Here is a script where i just downloaded android tools and automatically have my phone open, I believe you can use this for games that requires constant tapping of the screen (as long as it's not one of the fast tap one as adb has a delay). for i in `seq 1 50`; do # open the phone adb shell input keyevent 26 # keep the phone open for 8 seconds sleep 8 # close the phone adb shell input keyevent 26 # randomised sleep to make it look real sleep $[ ( $RANDOM % 10 ) + 1 ]s done if your phone has passcode for i in `seq 1 50`; do adb shell input keyevent 26 sleep 1 # swipe from bottom to up adb shell input touchscreen swipe 530 1280 1030 480 # enter your passcode adb shell input text <Your passcode> # check button adb shell input keyevent 66 sleep 8 adb shell input keyevent 26 s

How to disable textfield on AS3

This took me 2 hours to find out how to disable textfield on AS3, its not the perfect solution but it seems to be the only solution. private var txtField:Textfield; ... this.txtField = this.getChildByName("txtField"); this.txtField.mouseEnabled = false; this.txtField.tabEnabled = false; and to turn it enable again: this.txtField.mouseEnabled = true; this.txtField.tabEnabled = true; You could also do this //disable input myTextField.selectable = false; myTextField.type = TextFieldType.DYNAMIC; //enable input myTextField.selectable = true; myTextField.type = TextFieldType.INPUT; While this sound cheap coz you have to disable the mouse and the tab of that component and not the component itself, it seems to be the only solution. Thanks Adobe!!!!!!!!

New Website

Are unicorns real? We try to look all over the web for unicorns and we might have found some that you might like or watch. is a new site that finds interesting unicorn products or unicorn videos. If you're a unicorn lover, head over and check it out.