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UX App Review - Superhero Coloring Book

I've always love apps that has a good user experience but user experience varies a lot from culture (lot of white space vs condense information, portal like, which is famous in china) but there are things that are common like top-left down visibility and others that makes a website/app really good for users.

Part of why i revive this blog is so that i could review apps but not from the perspective of how good they are or you should download them but from the view of how good the user experience is. The posts would probably be short and there will be a lot of images :)
Here is the first view app, this was submitted at Android Apps community at G+.

Superhero Coloring Book
Main Screen
In the main screen, you could swipe or click the arrows for the next/previous page, which is good. However the icons are miss leading, the lower left is actually an icon to rate the app not an IM feature. The lower right is to my saved pictures, the icon is fine. I wish the sound icon was here which was in the coloring screen

Colouring Screen
The top most left is the sound icon which should have not been in the colouring screen as it doesnt involve anything about that screen, the icon placements are a bit off but its not that bad. There seems to be no indication if you're using the bucket or the pencil or the eraser. There's a colour buckets and a color picker and they are quite far from each other. If i colour something and hit back, it wont ask me if i want to save the image. When you click clear the page, you could still colour from behind.

Saved Images Screen
No indication that you have no saved images.

Those were the screens and i hope the develop improves his app :)


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